They say angels are near when cardinals appear and yesterday there must have been angels hanging around the house.  Maybe they were just visiting or maybe they knew that yesterday would be a difficult day. For anyone who is on my personal Facebook or follows me on Instagram, you already know that we said our final farewells to one of our feline friends.  The beautiful black cat, Pippin that we rescued a little over a year ago, went across the Rainbow Bridge late yesterday afternoon.  He's been quite healthy all these months and his health went down hill fast.

We took him to the Vet on Monday because his belly had quite suddenly taken on the appearance of a pregnant mama cat. Since Pippin was a male & the only indoor/outdoor cat that has lived with us, we thought it was worms & we de-wormed him; but that didn't seem to make a difference. The Vet did blood work on him to see what was going on.

Yesterday afternoon, we got the call that he had FIP, an extended liver, and he also had Feline Leukemia.  We are all too familiar with FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) there is no treatment or cure for it.  By the time it is detectable (because it literally has no warning signs until it is too late) your faced with the difficult decision to do what is the most humane for your cat.

But all morning, our yard was alive with the presence of cardinals; it was as though the angels knew we would need to be surrounded with love that day. Little did I know when I created this Artistic image of Pippin with Rainbow Colors, how fitting it would wind up being.  Pippin will live on in our hearts, because he was a very sweet and loving cat.  He loved his people. When he was outside, he would come to us and stay wherever we were.  When he was inside, he would climb up in our lap & nestle between us in bed at night.  He was indeed very special.

It must be true that Angels are near when Cardinals appear.  (I will be sharing more cardinal images soon)

See you next time!

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