I am always amazed at how quickly time goes by as I have gotten older.  Seems like just yesterday we were ringing in the New Year, and now we are rolling fast towards February.   I wish I could say that January was a fun-filled month; but it was definitely a month for being still.  Re-cooping from a nasty fall with a concussion in tow is not fun for anyone….and when you get into the mid 50’s, it is definitely not fun. But those moments that are the most fun for me were not lacking.

We had plenty of beautiful sunsets to gaze upon, I enjoyed the return of the camellia flowers, we even had some foggy mornings.  I carefully went out with the camera a few times during the month…wearing shoes with soles that grip. Ollie hung out with me while I worked on the newest crochet blanket, I had plenty of time to reflect…and ended the evenings with a soothing cup of hot chamomile tea with some local honey in it.

I am beginning to feel better and am able to move around a bit more freely now; though I am still exercising caution when going down those steps.  Here in SW Louisiana, the month of February is a huge month for celebration.  Mardi Gras is coming!

I am grateful for the stillness that the month of January has placed on me…

What about you?  How was your January?

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