In honor of National Pet's week, I thought today I would share some images of the cats in and near our home.

Pippin is one of the cats that we rescued a year ago.  He sort of comes in and out of our home.  When the weather is really bad we bring him indoors.  He likes to follow the pups when they go outside; but nowadays, he has become more of an indoor cat than outdoors.  He's become spoiled to the comforts of home & his indoor buddies Bella & Luna!

Ah sweet Max...he's an outdoor kitty that roams between our yard & the neighbors yard.  He is a beautiful boy!

What can I say...Bella was the 1st kitty that joined our Cat-Pack.  She is indeed beautiful!

Bella & Luna took up residence in our den a couple of years ago.  They are always hanging out on my piano, ready to greet me when I open the den door.

There's a new kitty in town....and no matter how much I call "here kitty-kitty" she keeps her distance.  We are feeding her when we see her, maybe in time she will trust us enough to allow us to get close to her.

Last of all is O L L I E!

My constant feline companion.  Wherever I am....he is there also.Thanks for visiting, have a Blessed week!

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