So what does this Nana do when not one, but two babies are coming?  Well, I make two afghans of course.

When I began making these afghans for the babies, I had no idea what the gender was; so I opted for neutral colors.  In case you were wondering....there are TWINS coming!

I have kept this little secret for months and the gender reveal party was held at the end of May, there are two more girls being added to the clan.  After the reveal party, I was asked not to post anything on Facebook and I extended that to my blog out of respect.  Since then, I've been given the go-ahead to share the news if I wanted, so I thought I would share with my little blog friends and family.

Any time there is a new baby coming into the world, I am reminded of my own time of waiting for the new arrival.  Then, I am reminded of the delivery.  All I can say is that delivering one at a time took a lot out of me, so I cannot begin to imagine delivering two back to back! Wow! Mama and babies are doing well and the babies are due to arrive in October.

I made the afghans large enough to fit into cribs, that way, they will get more than just a few short months of use out of them.  As it turns out, I purchased way too much of the sea-foam green yarn, so I have enough to make an entirely new afghan.  But for now, I've moved on to a new color.

So, what have you guys been up to?  Any of my readers have twins?  What were your experiences like?

Thanks for stopping by, see you again soon!

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